Paul Ferraioli, DMD, PA


At the dental office Dr. Ferraioli and his team, we strive to find the best equipment available to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible in the dental chair.  These instruments are used on a daily basis.

Izolation:  This amazing new device eliminates three common problems most patients experience during their dental treatment; allowing you to get on with your day sooner!  It protects your cheeks and tongue by gently moving them out of the way so that we can have better access to the area we are treating.  While your mouth remains open, it allows you to rest your jaw and muscles throughout the dental procedure.  It continually removes all the extra water in your mouth.  Patients love Izolation because it allows them to relax comfortably throughout the entire procedure.  Their mouth is not tired or stressed when their dental appointment is complete.

The Wand®: In the past, when a patient was seen by a dentist for a problem with a lower tooth, the patient had to have half of their face and tongue numb in order to do the procedure because of the thickness of the jaw bone.  However, with The Wand, this is no longer necessary every time.  We can get an individual tooth on the top or bottom of the mouth numb without getting the tongue numb.  This allows you to have a much more comfortable time while in our office.  The Wand is an alternative to anesthesia without a syringe.  It is a computerized delivery system that looks like a pen, and makes a more comfortable, less threatening experience for both children and adults.  We use this system exclusively.
Diagnodent®: This is a non-invasive laser that allows us to discover together while doing the exam if there are any cavities.  It informs the dentist and the patient by sound how deep a cavity is.  It allows the opportunity to remove a cavity from a tooth before it becomes larger (and possibly leads to more involved procedures), saving you both time and money.
Digital X-Rays & Panoramic X-Rays: Our office offers all-digitial radiographs.  This allows us to review X-rays more quickly & efficiently, to significantly decrease the amount of radiation exposure to the patient, to lessen the amount of waste in our office, and to e-mail X-rays to any of the outstanding specialists that we may work with in conjunction with your case.  Another added benefit is that you will not need to worry about remembering to bring them with you.
Diode Soft Tissue Laser: Sometimes when our patients need dental work, it involves the use of our Odyssey® laser.  It allows us to remove excess gum tissue around teeth to allow for the best possible aesthetic result.  We also use it for the removal of small lesions and instant relief for painful canker sores. This is all done painlessly without bleeding.
Intraoral Camera: Each treatment room in our office has an intraoral camera.  This allows us to co-diagnose with the patient what is seen in their mouth — everything from a sore to a broken tooth or filling.  It allows you, our patient, to see what we see.
Be sure to check this page often; you never know when we might have a new technology to tell you about!

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