This patient came to our office complaining that her upper front left tooth was darker than her other teeth. In one visit we were able to improve her smile by using tooth-colored bonding.


This patient has an implant on the lower right. We restore implants with natural-looking crowns.

Veneers - 1

This patient came to our office complaining that she had large gaps between her teeth. We placed thin porcelain laminates called veneers on her teeth to give her a great smile. Only a little tooth structure needed to be removed.

Veneers - 2

This patient asked that we cover her top two middle teeth to improve her smile. We placed 2 porcelain (no metal) crowns to give her the smile that she wanted.

Trauma Cases - 1

This patient broke part of his upper right middle tooth. In one visit we were about to make his tooth look just the way it had been previously.

Trauma Cases - 2

This patient broke a few teeth; the two top middle teeth and the lower tooth on the patient’s right. We were able to make him smile again in one visit by using tooth-colored bonding.


This gentleman came to our office asking us to help him chew and smile again. After a few visits, we gave him dentures that were comfortable, and he was able to eat and smile again.
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