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In addition to being professional and knowledgeable, dental hygienist Caroline and Dr. Ferraioli were patient, warm and friendly with my children. Caroline explained the instruments and how they worked to each child insuring that they were comfortable during their cleaning. Dr. F. was warm and friendly with my children while explaining the latest dental standards to me (the Mother). All necessary treatments were performed without any unnecessary procedures nor unnecessary costs. Thank you to Dr. F. and his capable team!
-Tanya S.

I received amazing treatment and care at the last minute. Prior to yesterday I was afraid to go to the dentist. Due to my dental neglect I HAD to see a dentist ASAP, I lucked out because never again will I need to worry. The level of care and expertise is more than I could ever asked for.
-Jennifer M.

We always receive warm and loving care from each and every person in the Office!
- Sr. Joanna P.

I have never seen or heard of an individual coming back from the dentist exclaiming how wonderful it was. Laurel was jumping with joy over her experience. She has never had a dental procedure without pain and suffering. You accomplished what she thought was impossible.
-Ray K.

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